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Is Your Child Sick?

Select a symptom for advice on treatment and when to seek medical help. Select a medication to get correct dosing information. Click here for additional after hours help.

Welcome to The Children's Clinic


In 1997 we became the first pediatric clinic in Lawrence County. Then, and now, our goal has been to bring high quality pediatric care to rural middle Tennessee. Since then we have cared for over 10,000 children. As a pediatric clinic we provide care that is tailor-made for children by providers who have a high level of expertise in child health.

Please take a few moments to explore our web site. We have designed our site to be a useful tool that parents can use any time of the day to communicate with your healthcare team or get medical advice.

Is Your Child Sick?

This is our award winning online triage system that utilizes the same nurse triage protocols used by over 20,000 pediatricians and almost every children's hospital.

Just select your child's symptom from the drop-down list and you will be given basic instructions on how to manage the problem, when to seek medical care, and what symptoms warrant urgent care. Is Your Child Sick? gives you 24 hour a day access to the information you need to manage almost every acute problem your child may have and can help you avoid unnecessary urgent or emergency care visits.

Patient Portal

Our Patient Portal is a robust communication tool that allows you to communicate with your healthcare team directly within our medical records system. You can update health information, schedule appointments, request refills, review lab reports and visit summaries and much more. We recommend that you log in to the portal before each visit to update your information.

Child Health and Development Interactive System (CHADIS)

CHADIS is tool that allows us to track your child's development over time and provide early intervention as needed. You should complete an assessment on CHADIS within 2 weeks of your child's well check-up. We also use CHADIS to assess ADD/ADHD symptoms. If your child is being managed for ADD or ADHD by our clinic, you should complete a CHADIS assessment before each visit.

Clinic Information

In addition to the features mentioned above you will find a lot of useful information on our site about our clinic and various topics of interest to parents. Follow us on Facebook for timely announcements and a fun "behind the scenes" look at your healthcare team.